Thermal Process Technology



Tempering, annealing, hardening and quenching, solution annealing, forging, curing, preheating, drying, ageing – these are only some of the applications which are possible with our extensive program of furnaces and plants. From the compact hardening furnace to fully-automatic plants with conveying technology and process documentation – we certainly will find a solution tailored to your application.

Thermal Process Technology I

Furnaces and Systems for Tempering, Annealing, Hardening, Quenching, Solution Annealing, Ageing, Forging, Preheating, Drying, Curing


Thermprozesstechnik II

Furnaces, Protective Gas Boxes, Hardening Systems, Quenching Baths, Charging Plates, Tongs, Gloves, Charging Baskets, Other Accessories