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Stainless Steel Heat Treating Foil to avoid Surface Reactions

Stainless Steel Heat Treating Foil to avoid Surface Reactions

Workpieces in foil heat treating

Single parts requiring protection against decarburizing can be wrapped in a stainless steel heat treating foil off the roll or packed in prepared envelopes or bags. The rolls are available in various lengths and widths, the envelopes and bags are supplied in various dimensions.

Foil off the roll can be cut to size using gold plates scissors and the workpiece can be wrapped to requirements. See page 76 - 77 for more details about accessory supplies required, such as tongs and special gloves. The protected workpiece can now be loaded into the heated furnace. Due to the foil's thinness, it takes on the furnace temperature immediately and binds oxygen trapped in the foil packaging. There is then no oxygen present to oxidize the workpiece itself. The workpiece stays clean.

After the appropriate dwell time in the furnace, the wrapped workpiece is immersed in the quenching medium. After quenching the foil is removed and the part is then tempered.

Care should be taken to ensure that the foil is not too close to the workpiece as otherwise the foil may become damaged. If the workpiece should have several openings or gaps, and a large amount of oxygen can be wrapped up, these gaps can be filled in with foil pieces. This increases the foil surface area.

The foil has very sharp edges. Use gloves and tools.