Air Circulation Chamber Furnaces/Ovens with Safety Technology for Solvent-Containing Charges According to EN 1539 or NFPA 68

Ship-lock type furnace N 560/26HACLS with safety technology, front charging and rear unloading Drying oven KTR 1500 for drying of foundry cores with an alcohol-based binder

Exhaust port and powerful exhaust fan mounted on the furnace

Guide-in tracks for furnaces with bottom insulation

Safety Technology for Air Circulation Chamber Furnaces

Certain processes release and vaporize solvents or other flammable vapors. The concentration of these vapors must be kept below a certain limit to prevent ignition. European Norm EN 1539 and NFPA 68 in the USA prescribe the required safety equipment for these processes.

For these applications and processes, all air circulation furnaces of the KTR and N ..HACLS product lines are suited with safety technology for protection of a potentional ignition in the furnace chamber.

To avoid an ignition in the furnace, flammable vapors must be diluted with air. Special care must be taken so high concentrations of flammable materials do not accumulate in “dead” areas within the furnace. For this purpose, the furnaces are equipped with an exhaust gas fan providing for a defined underpressure. A measurement system monitors this flow, while fresh air is simultaneously resupplied. In parallel, the furnace atmosphere is diluted by the inflow of fresh air. The air circulation is also monitored by the measurement system.

  • Furnace sizes between 120 and 10000 liters
  • Powerful exhaust fan capable of maintaining underpressure in the furnace
  • Defined and monitored air circulation flow and exhaust air
  • Visual and audible emergency signals
  • Over-temperature limiter with manual reset for thermal protection class 2 in accordance with EN 60519-2 as temperature limiter to protect the furnace and load